Business Intelligence

The business analytics, intelligence, and reporting features is critcal in todays operations. Once needs to thoroughly determine the best reporting system to use to be above competitors. Off shelve  softwares have basic reporting system which normally most business already have in their non-integrated existing system. One should look for good consultant to examine their business and find the best reporting tools that puts your one step ahead.



Business intelligence modules provides organizations with the ability to make fast decisions due to the availability of reliable and easy to digest information. A Business intelligence module functionality includes a decision support system driven by an underling data warehouse. This data warehouse feeds management with real-time access to ad hoc reports, online charts/tables as well as graphical dashboards that offer a host of information in the form of financial reports, scorecards, and key performance indicators.


Our ERP solutions provide real-time business intelligence software functionality that is available for data mining and financial analysis. Data can be viewed in summary form with the option to drill down to a detail level to investigate concerns or potential anomalies. This advanced business intelligence provides a 360-degree view the organization’s overall health and helps to arm the executive staff with the tools necessary to make better and faster decisions.