We follow six sigma approach to understand your business (Organization Study). Once we done intensive research on your organization , we then consult each and every department in your organization to find a better way of deploying a software that is user friendly.



What is the purpose of ERP customization?


  • Identify key business problems that the customizations should solve
  • Departmental, functional or process related
  • Isolate issues that have greatest impact on:

           - Operational costs

           - Performance & growth goals

           - Non-economic factors

  • Common Issues:

           - Lack of custom reporting

           - Workflow customization

           - User-interface design

           - Specific departmental processes




These days its not about which brand of software to use. Its about how one is solving a particular problem in a most efficient and economical way.


Proper process flows has to be there and a flexible software should be able to map those processes and aid in performance of that particular process. Thats where we come in. Being an expert in Six Sigma ,we examine your existing process, re-engineer new processes and develop appropriate scripts/applications that integrates well into our ERP system.