We conduct the Define Phase of a project using a team of business analysts and six sigma expects. The goal is to understand the business vision for your online requirements, document management needs and understand various stakeholders involved, build the web layout and prepare a project plan for website development

Frequently this phase is conducted offsite and onsite. The deliverables are:

  • Requirements listings
  • Audience




During Design, We will work with your  team to develop the detailed sketch. Design activities are conducted typically using a hybrid onsite- offshore model.  The deliverables include some or all of the following:

  • Detailed design specification (may include use site plan,layout sketch, object diagrams and underlying design elements)
  • Detailed data design
  • Modules required


We will conduct development using all technologies we have. We use php, javascript, perl, xml,SQL,etc to design a suitable website that suites your need.


 We offer hosting services to test the site live and send links for your viewing.  Alternatively we will upload on our shared server and send you IP address for your viewing. We will then do any necessary changes and reload the site. Once everything is correct and our remaining payment is made, we will upload it live into your server or our server if you choose us for your hosting provider.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Once the final website  is released, we provide services for ongoing release management, maintenance, enhancements and support. Services include:

Product release engineering

Prioritization of enhancements to yield ROI and customer satisfaction

A flexible on demand resource team to handle ongoing maintenance and new updates

On going Search engine optimization support

Advice on latest trends in online technologies and implement those into your website.