E-Business also has facilities to provide business process outsourcing services in Fiji like data processing and call center services for its clients locally and overseas. We can provide complete infrastructure to create an ICT platform to help you automate a process and execute your overflow work at our office remotely.

We have applications in place and can further customize to suit clients’ businesses. Thus enhancing productivity. We have easy collaboration tools and a live chat facility to assist in more accessible communications.
So instead of expanding within your office and incurring huge investment costs, you can outsource your tedious work to us. We can do your overflow work or receive inbound overflow calls and serve your customers. We also provide live chat support for your customer queries, and we can work 24 X 7 at a reasonable hourly rate per seat.

Contact our expert in business process outsourcing services in Fiji directly on +679 9223300 for a meeting to discuss further. We make the complex process simpler.